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Texas District Changes Classrooms with Wireless Technology

July 14, 2010

Texas District Changes Classrooms with Wireless Technology

By Tanya Roscorla
on July 8, 2010 IT Infrastructure
WirelessClassroomCV_100707.jpg Photo credit: superkimbo’s flickr photostream

Each school in Texas’ North East Independent School District provides laptops and iTouches for students to use. And in the future, the students may be able to bring in their own devices.

But because of all the mobile devices, the infrastructure takes a beating. One access point serves three classrooms. If each room has more than 15 or 20 devices, connectivity goes down or disappears altogether. Dead zones and slow access to the Internet also cause problems.

“With our current solution, we just couldn’t support the density of 30 devices per classroom,” said Brandon Platt, assistant director of Management Information Services for the San Antonio district.

And because video and multimedia communication is a top priority, the district decided to switch to Motorola Inc.’s wireless local area network and infrastructure management solution. With the new network, students will move around instead of being tied to one spot, said Andrea Tondre, executive director of Management Information Services.

“What we’re really pushing toward is changing up the way our classroom looks.”

Instead of rows of desks, the classroom will have stations. Three or four students will collaborate around a station by using their mobile tools to research, finish assignments and communicate with each other.

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